We carry projects in most demending environment witch is the shipbuildig and offshore industry, where there is no compromise in terms of comfort, quality and safety. All projects carried out by POL PRO is a 100 percent guarantee of high standards, starting from the design, through the selection of highly skilled staff with scrupulous supervision using certified materials. We undertake jobs in the shipyards on newbuildings, repeires as well as on trip services.

The scope of services:

  • ship interior outfiting, public spaces, crew and passenger cabins
  • wooden decks
  • ship insulation, hot and cold insulation, metal-sheet, and laminated cladding sheets, insulations mattresses
  • welding services: 111, 121, 131, 135, 136, 141
  • blacksmith works
  • grinding


We provide complexed support of industrial investments within the insulation work. We carry out projects for petrochemical, food indastry, power palnts and other industrial applications.

We provide insulations of:

  • pipelines
  • flue gas ducts
  • ventilation
  • tanks and mechanisms
  • electrofilters

We insulat with mineral wool, foamed rubber, foamed glass and PUR/PIR. We produce protective cladding of steel, aluminum sheeds and laminates.


We are active in the market of high voltage transmission overhead line construction. We own all necessery equipement and transport fleet.

For our customers we offer:

  • erection and demolition of taowers
  • installation and replacement of isolations
  • groundings
  • excavation services
  • auxiliary works (cleaning, removals)


Within projects for the construction industry we offer:

  • "turn key" constructin work
  • foundations and other concrete works
  • concrete and masonry work
  • joinery and carpentry
  • roofing works
  • complexed interior outfiting
  • we work in colaboration with architects and interior designers


Since 2008, based on previous experience we carry out projects in the field of shipbuilding & offshore, industrial construction and transmission lines construction.

We combine the enthusiasm and the dynamism of experience and knowledge. We are constantly expanding both human resources and machinery, which allows us to reach further and realize more ambitious tasks.

We follow the principles of equal opportunities, fair competition, skills improvement, and most importantly safety at work. Our staff and supervision team are efficiency oriented, while maintaining a high quality of work.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction through immediate and efficient problem solutions.

We invite you to cooperation!!